Icelandic Banks

Links to commercial Icelandic banks

Iceland is a small country consisting of a large island and a few smaller surrounding islands. The population of 323,002 makes it the smallest in the Nordic region. In relation to the small population, Iceland has quite a few banks.The financial crisis succumbed several Icelandic banks, but now the ones that survived have recovered.

Below you will find a list consisting of Icelandic banks. Our list include Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Investment, Members-banking and other banking companies.

Bank Webiste Tele Email +354 410 4000 [email protected]
Arion Bank
MP Bank
Straumur Investment Bank
Andelskassen Alssund
Sparisjóður Bolungarvíkur
Sparisjóður Höfðhverfinga
Sparisjóður Svarfdæla
Sparisjóður Suður-Þingeyinga
Sparisjóður Vestmannaeyja