How does no security loans work?

If you want to take up a loan for a greater investment like a house or a company, you usually need to put something of value like a property as a security for the loan. Banks does want nor can they approve large loans without a proper security in place. However if you need a medium-sized loan up to 300.000 - 400.000 crowns which equals approximately 30.000 - 45.000 EUR you do not necessarily need something as security.

If you apply for an unsecured loan the bank will check your finances. The size of your salary, if you'll have any outstanding debts and if your finances are otherwise well-ordered, are all critical factors for your application to be granted.

If you have a regular income, have no debt and also have a co-applicant, chances are good to get the loan.Remember, to apply you must have a taxable income and be a citizen.