Opening a bank account

Wherever you are in the world, you need access to a bank account. If you're only visiting for a few weeks or a month, you will manage a good credit card like a VISA or Mastercard. It is easy enough to find cashpoints in all the Nordic countries. Also if you visit a resturant, a pub or buy something down town, more or less everyone is accepting credit card payments.

However if you decide to stay a long time in Sweden, Denmark or the other Nordic countries, it may be a good idea to open a bank account with one of the local banks.

How to get a bank account in Sweden:

You need to visit a branch in person. Also You Will need the following things/items to be able to open a new account:

  • A Swedish ID card or a valid passport
  • A Swedish social security number (Personnummer)

To get a swedish debitcard or even credit card, you first need to deposit some money to your new account.

How to get a bank account in Norway:

The procedure is basically the same in Norway and Sweden. You Will Need a D-number or Personal Number to open a bank account. Contact the Norwegian tax office to get a personalized D-number issued.

How to get a bank account in Denmark:

In Denmark you will need to obtain a ID number called Danish CPR number before you can ask the bank for an account. Also do not forget to bring your passport when you meet the bank official.

How to get a bank account in Finland:

Bring multiple forms of photo identification and documents proving your address and identity. If you do not speak Finnish, you should if you can bring a friend who speaks Finnish.

How to get a bank account in Iceland:

Unless you are an Icelandic citizen, You should contact the bank by email and ask what is required to open a bank account with them.